Ironworker Program

We have excellent benefits for Ironworkers here at The Eye Shoppe Optometry. For primary members you will receive a $50 Visa gift card, $75 on top of 1st and 2nd pair frame benefit, 100% covered pre-selected Spy frames, and a chance to be entered into the Ironworker referral program. For family members on your plan, they will receive an instant $25 Visa gift card, and $50 on top of frame benefit.

We have a great referral program here at The Eye Shoppe Optometry. Refer 5 Local 433 or 416 Ironworker members and receive a free pair of spy sunglasses and a $50 visa gift card. Refer 10 Local 433 or 416 Ironworker members and receive free Redwing Classic Heritage 877 Boots.

Brothers and Sisters,
Absolutely a great deal. In all my years of being an Ironworker, my family and I have always paid out of pocket expenses for glasses. At The Eye Shoppe Optometry in Upland, the opticians help me choose glasses that are covered by my insurance. Dr. Lee was very professional and the staff, Maricha and Krystal were very friendly and helpful. I recommend The Eye Shoppe to all my brothers and sisters Ironworkers Local 433.-Kevin Anderson

The Eye Shoppe has been a great optometry business that my family and I have been going to since it opened. We went there because they accept my insurance with no hassle. Everything is always covered and do their best to get me the price and have everything covered through my insurance so that I can pay the least amount of money out of pocket. The doctor is great and always takes his time to explain everything during the eye exam. The atmosphere is good and they have excellent customer service. I continue to come every year as soon as my insurance renews because this is one of the few places that cares to give me the best prices and makes sure that I get the most out of every visit. –Adam Ramirez #1436624

I visited The Eye Shoppe Optometry center recently and had a great experience. The atmosphere is welcoming and the Dr and staff were informing and knowledgeable to my needs and interests. The paperwork process and exam was simple and quick, I was in and out in about a half hour. I would highly encourage and recommend this place for all our brother and sister ironworkers and their families. –James Calderon #1414465